Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Auctioning virginity

I normally don't watch Tyra, but in-between Wimbledon and commercials, I flicked there. I was just in time to see two lovely college girls who wanted to auction their virginity. A man was prepared to pay $3 million for one girl. Wow. I honestly don't understand how any woman can do that. In Memoirs of a Geisha, Sayuri's virginity was auctioned. I felt sorry for her when she had to submit to that weirdo of a doctor slipping his 'eel' into her without foreplay.

There was a time where Ghanaian men wanted to marry only virgins. Now, there are songs like

Ashawo maame
wo ara na me do wo

Whore mama
You're the only one I love.

The song goes on to describe what the man feels sliding into her, how she feels like tuo za fi, a dish eaten by people of northern Ghana, a slippery soft mush eaten with okra soup. What a long we've come. Now, an intelligent woman has no qualms about selling her virginity. I can't help feeling a profound sadness. Whatever happened to love?

Here's the song, titled "Rakia", the object of the songwriter's love:


  1. Glad to see you have a blog. I am preparing one too.

  2. Hey Bisi!

    Interesting posts you've got here already! :-) I was just having a conversation the other day that positioned me as a "naive optimist" of sorts, because "GASP", I like the idea of believing in love, and the hope that there's something special out there, something more special than spending all your time "hooking up" am SO crazy right? On the other hand this auction is a very astute business build that retirement fund early....(*sigh*...I need to have a talk with those girls!! ;-) )


  3. Romi, you'll be the death of me yet! Hey, nothing wrong with you, girl. I say you're so very normal!

  4. Because we are taught anymore that sex and love have nothing to do with each other. That when you give your body, you give nothing but your body. But that isn't true.

    When you share your body, you share part of yourself. Some more than others.

    But if you've been taught that there is love and there is sex, then it's easy to sell one's virginity because it doesn't mean anything. It'd be like selling eggs or bone marrow. Uncomfortable, a little unsettling but, overall, meaningless.